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Chromalok 973 Substrate Bonder

Chromalok 973Substrate Bonder

ChromaLok 973 is a highly flexible, fast curing, 2-Component urethane adhesive specially designed to bond substrates in countertop application. This adhesive develops strong bonds between Engineered Stone, Granite, Quartz, Solid Surfaces to substrates such as wood, MDF, plywood, ABS, PVC, etc.


  • Convenient 1:1 mix ratio, fast cure speed
  • Excellent Flexibility and peel strength
  • Ideal for bonding wide variety of substrates
  • widely used for Construction, Wood Panel, Furniture and Kitchen
Product Packing Color Viscosity,
Working Time
Fixture Time
Elongation %
strength (PSI)
973 400 ml Neutral A: 15,000-40,000
B: 15,000-40,000
4 - 7 15 - 25 60 - 80 2,200 - 2,750